2013 Kuga SUV

Ford has announced prices, specifications and consumption by new Kuga 2013

The new Ford Kuga is sold almost unchanged throughout the world.The new car is more subtly styled than before with less distinctive nose and a softer background.Known form of the high window line remain but 81 mm longer wheelbase makes the distance seem bound and conservative. As far as the interior is concerned, passengers who sit in the back will be very pleased with the extra legroom, and the luggage capacity increased by 96 liters to 456 liters. If you decide instead to take a repair kit spare wheel its volume is reduced to 406 liters, which is 97 liters less than the Mazda CX-fifth.

The new Mondeo is not difficult than before, but definitely not agile in the curves as its predecessor. The new steering wheel is nicely balanced and direct but the car is not as fun to drive as any previous Ford models. It seems that Ford wants to attract plague ordinary man concentrating on comfort, ride and refinement.

This mission is achieved in these areas. Plague is well calculated and holes in the road, but it is no longer mentioned as a model for the sharpest handling in relation to your competition. There are extras on the new model, but they are also cheaper compared to the old model and also receive a number of new features for your money. The additional components highlight DAB radio, car headlights, Ford’s SYNC technology – which reads aloud text messages as standard.

The 2.0-liter diesel pulls strongly and smoothly, and I feel fast enough. Also quiet and well suited to use slick gearbox. Fuel consumption has increased from 44.1 mpg to 47.9 mpg, while the emission of harmful gases while driving at about 154 g | km which brings an additional cost of 170 pounds to travel to a task but it is standard for this class.

Price of the new Ford Kuga is $ 30,000

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